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Boring Systems

Modular boring systems are excellent for large diameter hole making with fine adjustments.

THB Finish Boring Kit

Capable for finish boring from 9-130mm diameter with a fine adjustment of +/-0.01mm.

FBH/B Boring & Back Boring

Modular boring system for high speed finish front and back boring up to any length with extensions.

THB Wide Range Boring Head

For finish boring applications from 120-300mm with 0.01mm fine adjustment.

THKB Finish Boring Head

For finish boring applications from 25-80mm with 0.01mm fine adjustment

DBCA Rough Boring

New balance twin-cut system for rough boring with a larger machining area for 28-136mm bores.

SMB Small
Finish Boring

Micro boring system from 7mm up to 37mm bores with 0.02mm fine adjustment.

KMB Medium
Finish Boring

Flexible finish boring system with multiple bite positions for 7-165mm diameters.

SMH Micro
Boring System

Small diameter micro finish boring system from 5.5-34mm bores with 0.01mm fine adjustment.

SMH Micro Boring Sets

Micro boring sets supplied with BT40 or BT50 arbors, bites and accessories.

TKB Rough Boring Heads

Rough boring heads available in standard (16-130mm) and wide range (120-350mm) types.

Dinox Modular Boring Arbors

Modular arbors suitable for DINOX boring systems available in BT MAS, HSK & DIN69871.

Dinox Extensions & Reducers

Achieve any boring length with DINOX extension bars. Reduction bars ideal for extra rigidity in long lengths.