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Gerardi Evolution Line Angle Heads

Interchangeable Drive Taper which enables the same angle head to be used in different machines

Gerardi Virutal Showroom

90° Standard
Evolution Line Angle Heads

  • Strong, fast & powerful
  • Available in ER11-ER32 & ISO40

90° Offset
Evolution Line Angle Heads

  • For smaller bores or cavities
  • Available in ER16-ER32 & ISO40

90° Adjustable
Evolution Line Angle Heads

  • Adjustable angle 0-90°
  • Available in ER16-ER32

90° Lightweight
Evolution Line Angle Heads

  • Lightweight aluminium housing
  • Available in ER11-ER25

High machining speeds

Gerardi's Evolution Line angle heads feature an interchangeable Drive Taper which enables the same angle head to be used of different machines (e.g. BT or SK) simply by changing the input shaft.

ATC Series 

Designed for CNC machines with automatic tool change and can be automatically transferred from the tool store to the machine spindle and vice-versa. The orientation ring and arrester arm support ring are both 360° adjustable to allow the best angular orientation. 


MTC Series 

This range of angle heads is for conventional machines without automatic tool change. MTC angle heads (Manual Tool Change) are manually mounted on the machine headstock through a flange. 


High performance

Heavier duty

Modular shanks

High machining speeds

Exceptional tool life guaranteed

100% Italian Made

Supplied with 1 Year Warranty


Ideal for micro-machining in narrow spaces.

ATC F90 Series

Ideal for milling, drilling, tapping
at ±90.

ATC F90L Series

Long series for deep machining applications.

ATC F90 10BAR Series 

Coolant input from positioning pin and output through the tool.

ATC FR90 70BAR Series

Offset series for machining in
narrow spaces.

ATC FMU Series

Adjustable output at ±90° for tilt drilling, milling and tapping.

CMTC F90S Series

8.000RPM high speed angle head
with exceptional performance.

MTC F900L Series

High torque angle head for heavy
duty machining.



ER-DIN 6499 / ET1


ER-DIN 6499 / ET1


ES (Exagonal)
STD (Standard)

Anti- Rotation Group

Composed by pin group, ring and shank group

Stop Block

Avoids the rotation of the angle head and ensures perfect stability, high precision

Pin Group

Positioning pin with through coolant to guarantee the correct pitch

Universal Flange

Used for the interface between the MTC angle head and the machine spindle


Extend the length of MTC angle head bodies by adding an extension

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Gerardi Angle Heads