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Shrink Fit Machines

For induction heat shrinking of shrink fit tool holders

Shrink Fit Machine

Low consumption micro shrink unit for small sized chucks

  • Clamping range: up to 16mm
  • Manual device
  • No cooling

Shrink Fit Machine

The cost-effective table-top starter heat shrink unit

  • Clamping range: up to 20mm
  • Manual device
  • Optional Air Cooling

Shrink Fit Machine

Compact shrink unit with lightweight design and simple operation

  • Clamping range: up to 16mm
  • Manual device
  • Optional Air Cooling

Shrink Fit Machine

Ideal starter shrink unit with 4 cooling positions & table top design

  • Clamping range: up to 32mm
  • Manual device
  • Optional Liquid Cooling

Shrink Fit Machine

Manual shrink unit with liquid cooling in 30 seconds

  • Clamping range: up to 32mm
  • Manual device
  • Liquid cooling

Shrink Fit Machine

Fully automated heat shrink and liquid cooling unit

  • Clamping range:  up to 50mm
  • Fully automated
  • Liquid cooling & drying

Shrink Fit Machine

Ultra safe, fast and efficient. The ultimate heat shrink solution

  • Clamping range: up to 50mm
  • Fully automated
  • With smart technology

Shrink Fit Machine

The heavyweight champion for shrink chucks & tools up to 40kg

  • Clamping range: up to 50mm
  • Fully automated
  • For heavy machining

For Pre-Heated Shrink Chucks

Manual liquid cooling unit for pre-heated shrink chucks

  • 20 second cooling time
  • Manual or automatic
  • Min 4 bar air pressure

Bilz Induction Technology

The advantages of a change disc system

Patented Ferrite Disc System

By means of the patented ferrite disc system the tool is prevented from heating; solid carbide and HSS-tools can be easily clamped within a range of 3 – 50 mm.

Super Quick Cooling Times

Local heating preserves the shrink chuck and allows quick cooling down.

Increased Efficiency

Efficiency increase by appropriate adaption of the applied magnetic field.

Optimum Heating Position

Moving the Hot Spot into the optimum area – this makes shrinking out easy.

Watch The PROFESSIONAL Shrink Unit In Action

Bilz "Cool Down" Technology

10x More Efficient Than Contact Cooling Systems

Fully Automatic Shrinking and Cooling Process

Some Bilz shrink fit units have a fully automated system with no risk of burning the operator as the chuck is always cooling. There is also no danger of damaging the shrink chucks by overheating whilst the concentricity is maintained by a uniform cooling down process.

Liquid Cooling by Means of a Tower Principle

A reduction of cooling times as chucks are cooled within seconds. No active cooling down of the emulsion necessary whilst no additional power consumption is needed from an additional cooler. The chucks and tools are fully protection against.

Cooling Not Dependent on Contour

No damage to the cutter from coolant caps and no extra cooling equipment required for different chuck geometries.

Heating and Cooling in One Position

Clean structured workplace and no moving hot shrink chucks required.