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Hole Making Tools

Huge range of solid & indexable drills from general purpose to ultra high performance plus reamers, countersinks & boring systems

HSS & Powder Metal Twist Drills

High speed steel & powder metal twist drills for general and high performance drilling. Ranges for short and deep hole drilling.

Solid Carbide Twist Drills

Solid carbide twist drills for general, high performance and extreme performance drilling. Ranges for short and deep hole drilling.

Indexable Drills

Indexable drill holders inserts with multiple cutting edges available in diameters from 12mm.

Modular Drills

Drilling systems with replaceable heads or inserts for high performance, high accuracy or deep hole drilling applications.

Spot Drills & Centre Drills

HSS & Carbide NC Spot & Centre Drills available in a wide range of point angles and geometries.


HSS, Solid Carbide, Brazed Tipped and modular reamers for machine and hand reaming applications.


HSS, Powder Metal & Carbide Countersinks for general to high performance and high accuracy countersinking.

Counterboring Tools

Solid and indexable counterboring tools.

Boring Systems

Modular and adjustable boring systems for precision and rough boring of pre-drilled holes.

Step Drills

Versatile drills with multiple or stepped diameters.

Annular Cutters

Rotary broach style annular cutters or drills for use on magnetic drilling machines.

3 Flute Core Drills

Core drills for use in opening out a pre-drilled hole/cast hole (core hole).

Drill Sharpening Machines

Drill sharpening machines for carbide and HSS drill regrinding.

Custom Hole Making Tools

Special drills, reamers, boring heads, and indexable tools modified or produced to your specification.

Tool Bits

Tool Bits are designed for machining a variety of materials. Flat, Round and Square available

Step (Subland) Drills

 Subland Drills are used for drilling countersinks and counterbores in 1 hit.

Mag Drills

Professional magnetic drilling systems from leading manufacturers Rotabroach & Karnasch.