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Modular Drills with Replaceable Inserts

Drill multiple diameters with one drill body.

Supercut Spade Drill

The most versatile drilling system in the world

  • Ideal for large diameter drilling between 9.5mm-114mm.
  • Extreme versatility - drill a wide range of sizes with just one holder!
  • Holders available for long length drilling up to 25xD.
  • Fully ground & self centring HSS, Carbide & Powder Metal inserts.

i-Dream Drill

High performance replaceable carbide insert system

  • High feed drilling from 12mm-31mm.
  • Optimised for high precision, performance, chip control & reliability.
  • Through coolant holders with max depths up to 7xD.
  • One step clamp system for reduced setting times.

Korloy TPDC Plus Drill

High performance & high feed replaceable head drilling system

  • For high performance drilling from 12mm-31.75mm.
  • Extremely cost effective with excellent cost performance ratio.
  • Entry level high performance drilling for medium-large patch machining.
  • Through coolant holders up to 7xD.

i-One Drills

High performance replaceable carbide insert system

  • Dedicated steel & cast iron high performance drilling.
  • High accuracy with unique pin-key clamping and self centering inserts.
  • Inserts available for 10mm-33.73mm in 0.1mm increments.
  • Through coolant holders available in 3xD, 5xD and 8xD.

KenTIP FS Drill

Delivers substantial cost savings and process efficiencies on the shop floor

  • Excellent performance drilling from 6-25mm.
  • Great positioning and centring capabilities for drilling without precentring.
  • Holders available for long length drilling up to 12xD.
  • Multi-coolant provides advanced coolant channel layout with four coolant exits in each holder. 

KSEM Drill

Boost your productivity with very aggressive feed rates

  • Economic, reliable intermediate drilling from 12.5-40mm.
  • Robust pocket design for increased insert and holder life.
  • Holders available for long length drilling up to 10xD.
  • Quick insert change, with only a simple wrench required for insert removal. 
Modular Drills Information

What are Modular Drills?

Modular drills are cutting tools designed for versatility and precision in drilling operations. These drills consist of interchangeable modular components, allowing for a customized assembly tailored to specific machining requirements. The modular design typically includes separate units for the drill body and insert, offering CNC machinists the flexibility to mix and match these components. This feature is particularly beneficial when dealing with various materials or adjusting the tool for different drilling conditions. The ability to replace inserts without changing the entire tool enhances cost-effectiveness and minimizes downtime during tool changes, making modular drills a must-have tool.

In CNC Machining Modular drills stand out for their versatility in CNC machining, providing machinists with the capacity to achieve different diameters, lengths, and cutting conditions with a single tool. Machinists can easily adapt the modular drill to handle a variety of materials, from standard metals to more challenging alloys, enhancing the tool's suitability across a wide range of machining applications. The modular drill's accuracy, combined with its adaptable design, positions it as a preferred choice for CNC operators seeking efficient and versatile solutions in their machining processes.

Advantages of Modular Drilling

  • Versatility - Modular drilling offers flexibility, allowing the user to change the cutting diameter, length, and insert grade, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and materials.
  • Cost-Efficiency - The ability to replace inserts independently reduces overall tooling costs, offering long term financial benefits.
  • Efficient – Tool changes are quick and independent insert changes minimize downtime, enhancing process efficiency during machining.
  • Precision Engineering - Modular drills are precisely designed, ensuring accuracy and consistency in drilling operations.

Considerations for Modular Drilling

  • Initial Investment - The upfront cost of modular drills may be higher compared to traditional drills.
  • Tool Rigidity - For applications requiring maximum tool rigidity, solid drills might be preferred over modular drills to ensure optimal performance.
Modular Drilling Information

When to Choose Modular Drilling over Solid Drilling

Choosing between modular drilling and solid drilling depends on the specific application. Modular drilling is a preferred choice when versatility and adaptability are crucial. If the application involves varied drilling diameters or materials, the modular design allows engineer to easily swap out the cutting tip reducing downtime. Solid drilling, on the other hand, might be preferred for specialised applications that demand maximum tool rigidity or in situations where the simplicity of a solid tool is more suitable.

Difference Between Modular Drilling and Indexable Drilling

Modular drilling involves interchangeable parts where components like carbide inserts and the drill body can be interchanged, modular drill bodies are available up to 25xD like the Supercut Spade Drill, providing versatility for complex CNC applications. On the other hand, indexable drilling systems are usually made up of a solid holder usually up to 5xD in length and 2 cutting inserts like the King Drill for example. Engineers often choose modular drilling when they require the need to change the insert diameter whilst using the same drill body or they require longer reach for deep hole drilling. Indexable drilling is preferred when the user will machine a variety of materials or they are looking at cost efficiency per number of holes to be drilled, indexable inserts usually have multiple cutting edges allowing the user to rotate or replace the inserts when the cutting edges have worn out.

Diameters and Drill Depths of Modular Drills

Within our range of modular drills we have diameters as small as Ø8mm ranging up to Ø114mm with insert grades to suit a wide range of materials including steels, stainless steel, HRSA’s, cast iron and non-ferrous. Drill depths vary depending on the drill range, our TPDC and i-One drills are available in 3xD, 5xD and 8xD and the i-Dream drill range are available in 3xD, 5xD and 7xD. The most versatile drill range for deep hole drilling is the YG1 supercut spade drill these are available in 2xD, 3xD, 5xD, 7xD, 15xD, 20xD and 25xD.

Choosing the Best Modular Drill for Your Application

Choosing the best modular drill for your application depends on several factors including the material being drilled, the hole depth, the finished hole tolerance and surface finish. The TPDC and i-One drill and i-dream drill range are all capable of drilling to a h7 tolerance, in some applications this can eliminate the reaming process. The next factor to consider is the material being drilled, the TPDC and i-dream dill range are suitable for drilling steels and stainless steel whereas the i-one drill is dedicated to steel and cast iron drilling. If the application at hand requires a hole drilling deeper than 8xD we would offer the supercut spade drill, although not as accurate as the previously mentioned drills they will leave a good surface finish and have insert grades suitable for all material types.

Our knowledgeable team of experts can help you find the right modular drilling system to suit your requirements. So why wait? Browse through and buy from our range of modular drilling systems online or alternatively please call 01924 869 610 or email for any advice or queries.